Alana Khea

At BINUS SCHOOL, we believe that a strong character values education programme plays a vital role in building future leaders. Khea, a BINUS SCHOOL 2012 alumni, who is now the Product Marketing Manager in Traveloka, shares how learning methods in BINUS SCHOOL equipped and helped her at university as well as now in the working arena. Alana Khea Class of 2012
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Nathalia Jap

I have 3 children and all of them have been in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong since their Elementary 1. My two oldest kids have graduated from BINUS Elementary a few years ago, and my youngest is currently in EL 6. From the beginning, we like BINUS because it has great & complete facilities to support the learning activities and  programmes for our children. BINUS teachers teach our children to be disciplined, to respect other people of other religions & to socialize well. They are happy and they feel comfortable at school. BINUS takes great pride in our children’s progress and consistently motivates them to do their best in everything they do. They learn to be more attentive, respectful, and take more initiative towards their friends and teachers. We thank BINUS for giving both academic & non-academic quality education, and for shaping our children to become persons with positive and strong characters. We believe that BINUS SCHOOL Serpong will be able to develop our children to be vibrant, innovative and visionary leaders of the future. Ibu Nathalia Jap Chairperson of the Parent Support Group AY 2020/2021
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Amanda Sugiharto

The countless opportunities and supportive environment in BINUS SCHOOL Simprug has enabled me to learn and grow, shaping and preparing me well for my next chapter in life. Thank you BINUS SCHOOL Simprug!
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