BINUS SCHOOL Simprug Introduces ‘ENTRANCED’: A Theatrical Adventure Nurturing Creativity, Confidence, and Team SPIRIT

The advantages of engaging in theatrical performances include fostering creativity, boosting
self-assurance, and promoting teamwork. Theater not only entertains the audience but also
serves as an educational platform for those involved.

Recognizing the numerous benefits of such performances, BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, an
International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum-based institution, has once more motivated its
students to organise a School Play named “ENTRANCED”, hosted at Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM),
Jakarta, Friday (03/05/2024).

The school play activity is a regular agenda carried out annually involving high school students,
ranging from preparation, actors and actresses, story writing, song writing, costumes, to lighting
design. The entire process is conducted by students with guidance from teachers. Additionally,
this School Play also involves elementary school students to cultivate self-confidence from an
early age.

In this School Play, the story of “ENTRANCED” narrates the tale of four best friends in Sawang
City, Indonesia, namely Tania, Dalia, Samir, and Malik. Their friendship faces a challenge after a
curse is cast by a witch named Calon Arang. The performance invites the audience to witness
the struggles of the four friends in exploring identity, discovering oneself, and forgiveness to
break the witch’s curse.

Co-Director of the School Play ” ENTRANCED”, Sharon Angriawan, mentioned that preparations
have been underway since May 2023. Throughout the process, all committee members and
actors have gained various new learnings and experiences to produce their best work.

“We are so glad that our team’s hard work this past year has finally paid off. We’ve had our ups
and downs, but we would like to share our gratitude with everyone who worked hard and spent
time working on our play,” Sharon expressed.

Supervisor of the School Play “ENTRANCED”, Mr. Patrick Lorenzo Carbonell, added that BINUS
SCHOOL Simprug students gained valuable learnings throughout the process, highlighting the
importance of teamwork in producing a cohesive piece of work. This also serves as a way for
BINUS SCHOOL Simprug to offer Personalised Excellence education, refining each student’s
unique interests and talents to suit their preferences.

“As a result, ‘ENTRANCED’ has emerged as more than just a school play, it’s a testament to the
resilience, passion, and talent of our students. With every scene, you’ll witness their creativity
and dedication shining through, creating a truly mesmerizing experience for all,” Mr. Patrick

The regular School Play activities organized by BINUS SCHOOL Simprug are part of BINUS
SCHOOL Education’s commitment to encourage its students to foster and empower society by
advocating innovative learning experiences, championing compassionate leadership, and
nurturing exemplary character, thus enabling all students to Discover New Horizons