Building Bonds through Sports: A Joyful Recap of Family Sports Day 2024 in BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi

Family Sports Day 2024 at BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi was an unforgettable event titled “BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi United – Fostering Unity & Friendship through Sports.” Bringing together over 1000 parents and students, the occasion proudly displayed the cohesion and camaraderie of our school community as we joined in encouragement and companionship through seven dynamic games and diverse activities.

The atmosphere was lively, with radiant smiles on the faces of our BINUSIANS. It was heartwarming to witness their boundless excitement and enthusiasm, making it a truly memorable weekend!

The day offered a plethora of enjoyable and thrilling activities for families to partake in together. From friendly soccer matches to intense basketball face-offs, there was something for everyone to engage in and cheer for. Laughter and cheers filled the air, creating enduring moments of joy and solidarity.

Beyond the competitive spirit, Family Sports Day aimed to foster connections and nurture a sense of togetherness within our school community. Through teamwork and sportsmanship, parents and students forged lasting bonds and friendships, strengthening the sense of camaraderie that defines BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all BINUSIANS for their exceptional commitment and vitality in making Family Sports Day 2024 a remarkable and triumphant event. Your unwavering enthusiasm and support are truly invaluable, and we eagerly look forward to many more occasions of fun, unity, and camaraderie in the future!