BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi X ONIC: An Epic Fusion of Talk Show and Meet & Greet in Esports!

BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi proudly announces a successful partnership with ONIC E-sport, resulting in an exceptional esports event that not only entertained but also redefined the learning experience for students and gaming enthusiasts. On Saturday, February 3rd, BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi hosted a dynamic Talk Show and Meet & Greet event, attracting over 1000 attendees eager to engage with the internationally acclaimed ONIC Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Team.

The Talk Show segment offered a distinctive opportunity for fans and students to explore the incredible journey of the ONIC MLBB Team. From their modest beginnings in the mobile gaming sphere to their current status as international esports icons, the team shared valuable insights, showcasing the commitment and tenacity required to achieve success in the competitive gaming landscape.

Beyond its entertainment value, the event seamlessly aligned with BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi’s commitment to delivering inventive learning experiences. As part of the school’s vision to #DiscoverNewHorizons, the collaboration with ONIC E-sport exemplified the convergence of education and entertainment, integrating the esports phenomenon into the educational narrative.

In addition to the enlightening Talk Show, the Meet & Greet session allowed attendees to forge personal connections with the ONIC Brand Ambassador. The signing session added an intimate touch, enabling fans to depart with cherished memorabilia signed by their esports idols.

The collaboration between BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi and ONIC E-sport spotlighted the potential of esports as an educational tool and emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between traditional education and emerging trends in the digital landscape. As esports continues to gain global recognition, BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi remains at the forefront, equipping students with the tools to navigate and thrive in the dynamic world of competitive gaming.