International Young Leaders Summit 2023 Explores Culture, Education, Environment, and Health in Indonesia

The International Young Leaders Summit (IYLS) 2023 is once again held, featuring Indonesia as the host country through the representation of BINUS SCHOOL Education, accommodating numerous international students.

The event, taking place from November 8-10, is attended not only by students from BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi, and BINUS SCHOOL Semarang but also by students from Chung Cheng High School (Singapore), Nanshan High School (Taiwan), Urawa Gakuin High School (Japan), Suzhou Science & Technology Town Foreign Language High School (China), and Penang Chinese Girls’ Private School (Malaysia).

Over three days, students, teachers, and school principals participate in a series of activities through four Learning Journeys, focusing on culture, education, environment, and health.

For the Culture group, they visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) to learn about Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage. The Education group visits the Meta Indonesia office to hear about the technological developments by Meta. The Environment group explores important places in Jakarta, such as the Istiqlal Mosque and Cathedral, and visits a restaurant that uses organic ingredients. The Health group visits Yayasan Sejiwa to learn about the importance of mental health in today’s society.

Additionally, students are encouraged to think critically by creating Action Plans based on their Learning Journeys, addressing cultural issues, education, environmental concerns, and health.

CEO of BINA NUSANTARA and Founder of IYLS, Bernard Gunawan Hadipoespito, hopes that through this program, participating students can develop leadership skills capable of fostering and empowering society in the future.

“The event is designed for students from various schools in different countries, offering them the opportunity to learn about many things, including Indonesia, to share a common quality-wise understanding,” explains Bernard.

Representing Suzhou Science & Technology Town Foreign Language High School, Lio expresses his delight at being part of this year’s IYLS activities, which have provided various learning experiences and introduced him to the international community.

“I am very happy to be in Indonesia. In IYLS, I learned a lot, not only about education but also about Indonesia. I also made many new friends here,” says Lio.

After three days of IYLS 2023, the learning experience concludes with a cultural performance from each participating country. This event is also part of BINUS SCHOOL Education’s efforts to encourage its students to #DiscoverNewHorizons, continuously gaining new experiences and exploring their potential.