Exploring Electives at BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi’s Electives Fair

On 3 August, BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi hosted an Electives Fair, where they presented 26 different activities, each with its respective vendors in attendance. This event allowed students and parents to explore these activities, asking questions and seeking information.

Our primary goal is to encourage the students to participate in electives that align with their interests. This not only helps them maintain a healthy balance between their academic pursuits and personal interests but also provides them with a valuable avenue for acquiring new knowledge and enjoying themselves, rather than being confined solely to the classroom.

We extend our gratitude to all the enthusiastic students and parents who visited the booths and actively participated in the demonstrations. The showcased activities included Ballet, Digital Arts, Muay Thai, Horse Riding (Equestrian), Archery, and many more. We are excited to announce that the electives will commence on Monday, 4 September. We hope our students will thoroughly enjoy this enriching experience!