BINUS SCHOOL Simprug is delighted to announce that the “Bersama Untuk Bangsa” team of the Class of 2026, in collaboration with Happy Hearts Indonesia, has embarked on an incredible journey this year. They are working towards contributing to rebuilding Sumber Kasih Preschool in Sumba, NTT. The project not only aims to improve the quality of education but also addresses an environmental issue by utilizing eco-bricks made from plastic waste in the rebuilding process.

For the past month, “Bersama Untuk Bangsa” has made tremendous efforts in seeking support for their project, such as giving presentations to companies and setting up a crowdfunding platform for public donations ( Recently, they have also been accepted by the IB Global Youth Action Fund, and they will receive some funding for their project and mentorship sessions from experts. This will equip them with more skills to make the project successful.

This noble initiative would be possible only with the support from the community. Thus, the team has created a page:

for people to contribute at their convenience. Also, companies that would like to support them through CSRs (Corporate Social Responsibilities) can contact the team at

The contribution will undoubtedly help the team provide better educational opportunities for the children in Sumba. In the end, the project can help achieve our vision of “fostering and empowering society in building and serving the nation.