BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi’s ArtDemic Mural Competition Brings Students Together to Express Themselves 

The Visual Arts Department at BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi is using art to express ideas and emotions by holding a mural competition called ArtDemic.

Art has long been used as a tool for social change and promoting awareness. By using art to tackle topics like peace and the environment, it becomes an accessible medium for people to engage with these topics on a deeper level. Through the ArtDemic mural competition, BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi is creating a space where students can use their creativity to express themselves and spread awareness.

This competition focuses on highlighting the struggles faced during the pandemic. It is the first inter-school visual arts competition held by BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi, with the aim of encouraging students across Indonesia to participate in expressing themselves through visual art during the pandemic. 

The pandemic has brought about immense challenges and struggles for people all over the world. Through the ArtDemic competition, students are being encouraged to express their experiences and emotions during this time through visual art. Murals can be used to tell stories, evoke emotions, and inspire hope.

The goal of the competition is to provide students with a platform to express themselves through art and deliver a meaningful message to others. 

Artdemic BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi

ArtDemic is not just a competition, but a community-building event that brings students from different schools together. The competition attracted 39 participants from 8 schools.

By collaborating on art projects, students can learn from each other and develop their social skills. The competition is also an opportunity for students to showcase their work to a wider audience, which can boost their confidence and inspire them to continue pursuing their artistic passions.