15 Years of Excellence in Education, Fostering Tomorrow’s Leader

Providing excellent education for children in Indonesia is the commitment of BINUS SCHOOL Education in producing future leaders. This is reflected in various achievements across its schools, including BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary on Wednesday (15/02).

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong organized various activities such as funfairs, competitions, carnivals, and bazaars, with the theme “The Best is Yet to Bee.” The involvement of all elements in the school, including active roles from students, teachers, staff, and parents, was essential in making this event happen.

For 15 years, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, which implements the Cambridge International Curriculum, has made various innovations in nurturing students to produce exemplary character, innovative learning, and compassionate leadership qualities. This objective is supported by numerous ways, such as instilling religious values for character building, complete facilities and technology to support learning, and qualified teachers to support learning activities.

These efforts have resulted in students and alumni of BINUS SCHOOL Education achieving various positive impacts on society and the environment. BINUS SCHOOL Serpong alumni have continued their education at top public universities in Indonesia and also attended top global universities such as Oxford University, British Columbia, and others.

BINUS SCHOOL Serpong also runs the Adopt-A-School program, which involves students in less fortunate schools through workshops and donations. This program aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 on quality education for all and the vision of BINUS SCHOOL Education to nurture and empower the community.

In his speech on the 15th anniversary of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, the President of BINUS SCHOOL Education, Michael Wijaya Hadipoespito, stated that the programs implemented by BINUS SCHOOL should be able to provide a broad positive impact for society while prioritizing the development of students’ strong character.

“The moment of the 15th anniversary of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong is not only to celebrate the achievements that have been accomplished, but also to reflect on the school’s continuous innovation and consistency in providing excellent education while still upholding the principle of fostering and empowering. So that all students and alumni of BINUS SCHOOL have a leadership spirit for society,” said Michael.

Principal of Early Childhood Years & Elementary BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, Anwin Samsudi, added that BINUS SCHOOL Serpong is not only an educational institution but also a support system in building strong character from an early age, thanks in part to experienced teachers.

“We have been building a comprehensive support system as a community for the past 15 years, with the help of experienced teachers and staff, a Parents Support Group (PSG), and a supportive student environment. Then we also facilitate the student abilities through some activities, for instance, BINUS Got Talent and Magical World Stories which become a platform for students to perform in front of their peers and improve their self-confidence,” said Anwin.

Meanwhile, the Principal of Middle & High School BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, Sherrierose Garcia Gonzales, said that BINUS SCHOOL Serpong has various programs to support students’ interests and creativity, such as the existence of Clubs that facilitate 17 diverse fields.

“BINUS SCHOOL Serpong has 17 active Clubs, with some of them initiated by the students. Through the Clubs, students can explore their potential in science, art, or debate forums,” said Sherrie.

BINUS SCHOOL Serpong is one of four BINUS SCHOOL Education institutions, which include BINUS SCHOOL Simprug, BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi, and BINUS SCHOOL Semarang. BINUS SCHOOL Education will also be present in other regions to provide a quality education through professional teachers and staff to produce excellent students that are impactful for the nation.