BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi Middle and High School Levels Achieve ‘A’ Rating in SPK Accreditation

The middle and high school levels of BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi have recently received an ‘A’ in the SPK Accreditation, and we are thrilled to announce this achievement. This accreditation serves as evidence of our consistent and unwavering commitment to achieving and maintaining excellent education.

Our school is incredibly proud of this accomplishment, and we are grateful for the hard work and dedication of our teachers, staff, and parents. Their cooperation and support have been essential in helping us foster and empower society.

At BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi, we understand the value of education in shaping the future of our society. It is not just about imparting knowledge and skills, but also about instilling values and character traits that will help our students develop exemplary character, innovative learning, and compassionate leadership.

Our commitment to providing quality education is not a recent development. Over the years, we have continued to improve our approach to teaching, learning, and student development. The SPK Accreditation serves as a validation of our efforts, and we are proud to have achieved this milestone.